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Welcome to coleclan.net - The network with lots different content for lots of different people.

A brief history:
The coleclan.net site got it's start as a place for members of the " Cole Clan " family to host their personal sites and share content with extended members of the family. It has since grown, changed, momentarily died, and re birthed several times over as a blog, forum and host. While the original purpose of coleclan.net has changed, it still remains today and is now host to a small group of diverse sites whose content varies as much as the history at coleclan.net.

For those seeking out the original members of the Cole Clan and their various sites, or one of the other sites hosted by coleclan.net, here is a brief explanation of each:

jaycool.net - The home of Beavis2084, Jay Cool, Georgie-Boy, Junior or as most know him... George. This site has been minimalized once again and serves as a portal to all things Jay. Links to other pages on the site are present as well as the current social networking worlds he participates in.

So take some time today to explore one or many of the sites based here at coleclan.net and enjoy your stay.

The sites hosted by coleclan.net

  1. skinfantasiestattoos.com
  2. jaycool.net
  3. dimebagdarrelltribute.com
  4. tattoosbymikki.com
  5. vitreousmusic.com